The dives on the HAVEN wreck must be done following the Rules n.305/99 & 75/14 of Genova Coast Guard and with the coordination of certified Guides (Minimum level Dive Master and a valid third part liability insurance coverage).
The law states that is mandatory to have a certified guide leading maximum 3 divers.
The guide is responsible of the diving team .
The divers CMAS **** certificated are allowed to guide a diving team.
If a group has no certified guide, the HAVEN DIVING CENTER provides the support through his own certified guides.

HAVEN DIVING CENTER is able to provide guides for technical divers until the deep of 60 m (breathing AIR) for a maximum runtime of 60-70 minutes.
The CERTIFIED GUIDES who dive on the deck of the HAVEN (55-60 mt), have twinset, manifold stages O2/EAN 50. Their experience on the Haven wreck is more than 200 dives.

A medical health certificate is mandatory for technical dives and appreciated for recreational dives.

The Haven penetration is possible only with “Wreck ADV dive or Cave” certification.

The minimum requirement to dive is the ADVANCED certification with “deep” speciality (40m ). The HAVEN DIVING CENTER organises dives until the depth allowed by each diver certification. For safety reasons no exception is possible.

  • Double indipendent regulator, NO OCTOPUS!
  • Surfacer marker buoy (personal one, as required by the Law)
  • Computer, suggested Bottom Timer
  • Diving torch and eventually contingency torch
  • Knife and gloves
  • Swimsuit and hood

Please provide:
  • Details on divers name and certificate
  • Detail on guide’s name , certificate and insurance
  • (the guide must coordinate his group)
It is reccommended to:
  • Contact the HAVEN DIVING CENTER in advance (suggested one week in advance)
  • Do not ask multiple changes after booking
  • Manage properly any cancellation with immediate preadvice. (the HAVEN DIVING CENTER does not require prepayment , but has a waiting list of people willing to dive)

It is reccommended to:
  • Arrive at the port at least one hour before the planned dive (and advice in case of delay)
  • Follow strictly the input oft he HAVEN DIVING CENTER staff
  • Take care of own equipment and follow the HAVEN DIVING CENTER procedures
  • Follow strictly the input of the guides during the briefing (and do not exceed the allowed depth)
  • For any problem, contact only the HAVEN DIVING CENTER Direction
  • Arrive with owned checked equipment and own weights: the HAVEN DIVING CENTER provides weights only in case of emergency and has only some belts.

  • During the check-in phase, the divers show the certifications.
  • The equipment must be stored inside the Center, following the procedures and avoiding to block the operational flows.
  • The boarding are generally planned at 9.00-11.00-13.00-15.00 and (only in summer ) 17.00; night dives around 20.00.
  • The equipment ready must be layed in front of the Center, ready to board on the boat.
  • Upon arrival, please respect procedures and guidelines for boarding . Other divers may need space to clean up equipment and need the trolley.
  • In the boat loading phase, everyone is request to help and cooperate with the staff and the other divers
  • The briefing with the guides will determine the profile of the expected dive and defines the constraints and the targets.
  • When the captain signals the end of the decompresison phase of the previous dive by the radio, dressing of the next team begins. This optimize the timing and avoid waiting time with drysuits on.
  • Boarding is planned usually without wearing the tanks (if any exception to the procedure is necessary, this will notified on site). The captain advise on the seating position to guarantee a safe navigation.

  • On the return phase, the divers are requested to seat in the boat until the boat stops.
  • When the boat stops, every diver is expected to cooperate during the unload phase. The equipment must be put on the steel trolley ready on the dock.
  • The equipment rinsing must be efficient and quick, so every diver can complete the phase
  • The diving equipment can be left on the dock only fort he necessary time. Divers using the HAVEN DIVING CENTER tanks must return quickly to the center without abandoning them on the dock.
  • The Debriefing phase can be held for some minutes outside the HAVEN DIVING CENTER (in the Dehor). The divers and the guide can meet to review and comment the dive.
  • Drysuits and thermal unders must be hanged only on the dedicated hangers inside and outside the the center (on the Dehor in front oft he HAVEN DIVING CENTER).

The HAVEN DIVING CENTER has a decompression station. This is composed of 2 steel bars at -3 and – 6 m. depth. Each one has a single tank 10/15 L - 200 bar and 2 regulators and 11 L 100% Oxygen tanks (see layout). The decompression station will be positioned inside the sea, after the last diver of the team has jumped into the water. The deco station will orient itself in the current and remains attached to the guideline, which is linkedin to the top deck of the Haven (depth 32 m) and to the boat. The deco station is linked to the gudeline by a transversal line (10 m lenght) at the depth of 12 m. At this depth, returning from the guideline, even in the rare case of restricted visibility (1-2 m) the divers can easily reach the decompression station . For large groups, it is reccommeded the use of the personal Join Line, therefore, also in case of strong current, they can have a safe and quite decompression phase.

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