Haven Technical Dives

The dives on the HAVEN wreck must be done following the Rules n.305/99 & 75/14 Genova Coast Guard and with certified Guides ( Minimum level Dive Master )

If a group has no certified guide, the HAVEN DIVING CENTER provides the support of his own certified guides.

  • HAVEN DIVING CENTER CENTER is able to provide guides for technical divers until the deep of 60 m ( breathing AIR ) for a maximum runtime of 60-70 minutes.
  • The CERTIFIED GUIDES who dive on the deck of the HAVEN (55-60 mt), have twinset , manifold stages O2/EAN 50. Their experience on the Haven wreck is more than 200 dives.

The sea visibility around the HAVEN wreck is generally good and allow in most of cases the complete dive;

  • The minimum winter Temperature is in January : 14 °C on the surface (12 °C at 60 m and 10 °C at 80 mt);
  • In summer there are the maximum Temperatures : 28 °C on the surface (18 °C at 60 mt e 16 °C at 80 mt).

The technical dives are normally done by groups of divers , who arrive completely indipendent and organised with CERTIFIED GUIDES inside the team.
The standard Technical dives have runtime of 60 until 90-120 minutes and over. For special and extended runtime is necessary to plan and book in advance the dive.

The fees depends on: Runtime, number of divers, effort to organize special needs , number of dives:
Runtime, numero partecipanti, impegno organizzativo e numero delle missioni. The mix Trimix & Nitrox can be provided only as partial
pressures: HAVEN DIVING CENTER does not use premix tools..

The technical dives are done by groups of divers, who arrive completely indipendent and organised with enough CERTIFIED GUIDES inside the
team, able to plan the dive.

HAVEN DIVING CENTER  provides certified and experienced GUIDES, who dives with AIR ( with 1 or 2 stages) until the deep 60 m.
HAVEN DIVING CENTER  is also able o provide, with advanced booking, some CERTIFIED GUIDES, who dives in Hypoxic Trimix, open circuit.
The fees must be negotiated either for GAS costs or GUIDE compensation.

We suggest to use Trimix normoxic between 50 and 60 m depth (main deck, last 3 decks, stern and explosion hole).
With hypoxic Trimix, divers can explore the side explosion hole, thecrack of the bow, propeller and the machine room.
The safety rules reccommend CCR. The axes of the propeller is at 78,5 meter

Generally the technical dives last 60-70 min.
Extended dives ( 2 – 3 hours ) cost different fares, depending on the runtime and are booked with large preadvise, in order to get the best organisation.


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