HAVEN Recreational Dives

The dives on the HAVEN wreck must be done following the Rules n.305/99 & 75/14 Genova Coast Guard and with certified Guides ( Minimum level Dive Master )

If a group has no certified guide, the HAVEN DIVING CENTER provides the support of his own certified guides.

  • HAVEN DIVING CENTER CENTER is able to provide guides for technical divers until the deep of 60 m ( breathing AIR ) for a maximum runtime of 60-70 minutes.
  • The CERTIFIED GUIDES who dive on the deck of the HAVEN (55-60 mt) , have twinset, manifold stages O2/EAN 50. Their experience on the Haven wreck is more than 200 dives.

The sea visibility around the HAVEN wreck is generally good and allow in most of cases the complete dive;

  • The minimum winter Temperature is in January: 14 °C on the surface (12 °C at 60 m and 10 °C at 80 mt);
  • In summer there are the maximum Temperatures: 28 °C on the surface (18 °C at 60 mt e 16 °C at 80 mt).

The recreational divers can dive the HAVEN wreck, the Giant of the Mediterraneo, until the deep of 40 m.
With the specialities Advanced and Deep Divers, the divers can reach the
first 3 decks (38-41- 44m) and overview the stern and the main deck (max 44mt), experiencing a fantastic dive and watching the entire stern surface of the wreck.

Only afters few dives is possible to understand the real huge dimensions of the wreck and get familiar with the main points.

The first point reachable is the top of the bridge ( 35 m deep ). There you
can set-up before entering the command room bridge (38 m).

The command room is very large with big windows and allow easy penetration.
Be careful during the swimming ( we recommend the Frog Kick style ) to avoid sediments raising which would reduce visibility to other divers of the group. The following penetration are the second deck ( 41 m ) and through 15 m robe, the huge fennel ( 33-52 m ).

The recreational dive ends on the third bridge ( 44m ). The average standard Bottom time is 15-20 min with a single tank 15-18 liters with 225 bar for a total Runtime estimated in 40-45 min.
HAVEN DIVING CENTER  organizes and support either “no
decompression” dives or decompression ones.

The recreational dives do not foresee decompression phase and do not request Nitrox. Divers with Nitrox certification are welcome if are able to plan the gas and dive organisation by themselves.

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